What Can You Do To Actually Save The Environment?

Everybody wants to protect the environment, but most people are either too lazy or too busy to make the necessary changes that can improve lives and save the environment.

Here are 6 simple habits that anyone can implement in their daily life that will make a difference. While nothing is new in this list, following the tips can help you play your role in protecting the environment.

1. Donating

In your home, you probably have tons of clothes and things you hardly ever use. If they are in usable condition, consider giving them to someone in need. You can opt to give them to various charity organizations that may in turn sell them and collect some money to help others, or they can give them directly to other needy people beyond your reach. Donating protects the environment and helps you contribute to a worthy cause.

2. Walking or Cycling

Driving is probably the greatest cause of pollution worldwide. Whenever you want to use the car, ask yourself whether it is really necessary or if walking or cycling is a better alternative. This works best if you are only traveling short distances.

3. Leaking Faucets

Ensure that any leaking faucets are repaired immediately since they can cause a significant increase in your water bill. A dripping faucet wastes an average of 120 liters of water which is not so good for the environment.

4. Rainwater Harvesting

You should employ various measures for harvesting rainwater. Rainwater is free, plentiful, and requires no interventions since it is soft and clean. Harvesting rainwater reduces dependence on municipal water and places less strain on the public water resources available.

5. Using Energy Saving Bulbs

While the energy saving bulbs may be more expensive, they still last longer and save energy. In the end, your electric bill will be lower.

6. Turning Off Your Devices

When the devices in your house are not in use, consider turning it off. For instance, if nobody is watching the TV, just turn it off. When you leave a room, turn off the lights, even if you plan to return. Turning off your devices is a simple habit to adopt that will help you save much money and is also good for the environment.


Environmental protection or conservation is easy when you follow the tips above. If everyone plays his or her role in environmental protection, the world will truly be a better place.